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Huangshan Seiko organized emergency evacuation and fire drill activities
Published: 2015-12-08
    At 8:17 a.m. on December 7th, Mount Huangshan Seiko organized emergency evacuation and fire drill activities. Hu Xinmiao, deputy manager of the Logistics Department of the group, and Wu Hailin, a security officer, were invited to observe and guide.
    Emergency evacuation exercise simulator, welding zone fire, causing gas explosion, plant vibration, there is a risk of collapse, the need for all personnel evacuated. General manager Zhang Jianfeng, general manager of the activities received instructions after receiving fire reports, all the orderly evacuation, evacuation to the former office space, lined up to count the number of people, the whole process is only 5 minutes, and safe and orderly.
    Subsequently, the new employees were held fire drills, the scene tells the fire fighting common sense, demonstrated the use of fire extinguishing tools, and guide new employees take turns, on-site fire fighting.
    Hold this comprehensive emergency exercise is emergency evacuation, fire fighting and comprehensive event handling ability test company, check the operation condition of fire protection equipment and facilities, strengthen staff awareness of fire safety, enhance the ability of emergency response disposal, ensure the safety of life and property.

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