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Mount Huangshan Seiko held 2017 annual staff meeting
Published: 2017-02-11

    At 9:30 on February 8th, Mount Huangshan Seiko convened 2017 annual staff meeting. Company management and staff representatives of nearly 150 people attended the meeting, vice chairman of Yongjia group vice chairman, the Company Bao book will guide, general manager Zhang Jianfeng, deputy general manager Wang Zhaowei attended the meeting, deputy general manager Wang Guiying presided over the meeting.


    The meeting first commended the advanced collectives and individuals of the year 2016, and made a statement on behalf of the advanced representatives.

    At the meeting, Zhang summed up the main work of the past year, pointed out the existing shortcomings, and put forward the management objectives, work ideas and main measures in 2017. Combined with the current economic and industrial situation, the company management staff and the general staff of specific requirements.


    Vice chairman of Yongjia group vice chairman, Company Bao book made an important speech. Bao Dong in the fully affirmed Mount Huangshan Seiko 2016 annual work at the same time, give directions for 2017: to strictly fine grasp of product safety, personal safety and environment safety; to adjust the mentality of their holiday, as soon as the mind, homing, energy use this work; in accordance with the "Ming, strength, excellent technique, weapon Taoist philosophy thinking, promote innovation and development, actively follow up the national" The Belt and Road "and" Internet plus "strategy, promote the upgrading of equipment capacity, enhance efficiency and reduce cost; strengthen the marketing team building, into the modern elements, continuously improve the quality of service in the sale of customer service. To create a learning team, so always, every day to learn, hard to learn, hard sentiment, it should focus on a goal; not to relax, to enhance positive energy, all the people to overcome difficulties, Seiko difficulties, hard to complete the 2017 annual business target, and make greater contribution to the development of the group.



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